Where we started

PatriostFirst, LLC was established to show our thanks to our nation's Military Veterans and promote patriotism in a unique way.  We designed an image that inspires pride in our country and those that have defended it.  We are passionate about patriotism and giving back to those Veterans in need.

We fervently believe it is NEVER too late to thank a Veteran, and thanks cannot be given OFTEN enough for their dedication to defending our country and our freedom.

Next Step

Once the flag was designed we had a need to display that flag indoors and in windless conditions outdoors.  There wasn't a product on the market that would fulfill this need.  So, Jim Coyle and Sally Luenberger invented it.  The Flag Flier was born.

Where we are going

We found our creative juices flowing and decided to expand into the Design business.  We have multiple designs in the works and will be presenting them as they are ready.

Keep coming back to see what's new!

To purchase one of our Thank You Veterans Flags, please send an email to jamie@patriotsfirst.org noting the size you would like.  Please include your shipping address.  We will provide a quote through email prior to shipping so you have pricing and shiping costs.

Thank you.

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